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Heavy duty casters and industrial casters are the critical hardware typically attached to the bottoms of a cart, dolly, or material handling equipment which supports the load of what is being moved. The applications and industries they are used for can range from medical, automotive, warehouse, shopping carts, construction, and much, much more to name a few. The big casters wheel size, specs, and fastening types of these casters all play an important role in determining the right caster for your needs. In fact, the varying tread types such as Non-marking Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Rubber, Nylon, Plastic, or Steel are among the widest used in the market and are what usually takes on the bumps and turns in your everyday rolling adventures or tasks. Choosing the correct iron casters for your needs means finding the best fit for the type of environment you will have your cart on and this will affect how your cart takes on its jobs.

Another important factor is the Load Capacity required for your cart or project. Make sure you are using the max load weight on your cart or project for determining the minimum load capacity for your specific heavy duty casters. For example, if you can only load a maximum of 2,000 lbs. per cart or object, then you will need a minimum of 525 lbs. per locking casters in load capacity to ensure the proper fitment for your needs. The empty cart may only way up to 200 lbs. without the max load which means you need to compensate for the 1800 pounds of excess load in addition to achieve the full 2,000 lbs. load capacity needed.
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What our customers are saying

We work with furnaces and ovens so it's very common for equipment to go wrong and break down; especially heavy duty caster wheels. On top of that, I can’t just buy spare parts in a traditional store because the wheels have to comply with certain safety regulations. ICON Caster Wheels has been a blessing in this matter. I can get the replacements I can’t find anywhere else right away, following the proper specifications.

Las Vegas, NV
Jorge Rodriguez

Excellent quality materials and friendly customer service. Every time I bought from them I received an answer and a solution. Even when I needed a piece they didn’t hold ICON Caster Wheels found a way to provide it to me easily and quickly. It always surprises me how fast they deliver. I totally recommend this company.

Houston, TX
Tom Aidern

After looking everywhere for caster wheels for some very special, very specific containers for my company, I was already starting to feel hopeless. Luckily for me, I found this website. I was amazed by the variety of options that ICON Caster Wheels featured and the pricing was much more reasonable than I thought. On top of that, buying the products was easy and fast. I couldn’t be any happier.

Los Angeles, CA
William Ha
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