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Caster Wheel Maintenance

Caster Wheel Maintenance

You know the old adage, "a wheel in motion stays in motion?" Well, this is especially true for your caster wheels. If you don't take care of them, they'll wear out quickly and will need to be replaced sooner. It's important to take care of your caster wheels—you can't get anywhere without them. But with Icon Caster Wheels, we make it easy and affordable for you! Caster Wheel Maintenance is an important part of owning equipment that uses any type of heavy duty caster wheels. This is because caster wheels are made of hard plastic or metal that can erode and wear out over time. To avoid this inconvenience, it's recommended to lubricate and clean your wheels regularly.

Where are Caster Wheels Used?

Caster wheels are used to provide mobility in a variety of industries such as in factories, warehouses, retail spaces, offices etc. for moving heavy equipment or objects from one location to another. They have a metal frame with plastic caster wheels on top, typically made out of rubber or polyurethane material with ball bearing inside of each wheel for rolling smoothly over different surfaces. Caster wheels are sturdy but they will not last forever. It is important to know how to maintain them in order to ensure the safety of the facility and the people around them.

Regular Maintenance Will Extend the Life of your Caster Wheels

Lubrication is an important step in maintaining your caster wheels. It is generally recommended to re-lubricate your wheels every 6 months, more often for harsher environments. Any washing on equipment with water or chemicals will probably need to be lubricated after as well. Types of lubricants used would be all purpose greases or food grade grease if used in the food industry.

On wheels itself, you should always keep extra wheels to keep away from downtime. You should look at your wheels often for any build up, flat wheels, or damaged parts. For the actual casters, always check for any loose bolts and make sure they are securely fastened. Debris can also accumulate into raceways and look for any corrosion as well.

To extend the life of your Icon Caster wheels, make sure you load objects gently and stray away from overloading to prevent failure. These tips will ensure your caster wheels will last a while and keep from buying wheels frequently. Contact our specialists at Icon Caster Wheels to learn more about our products and other ways to maintain wheels.

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