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Air cargo casters
Air Cargo Industry

The Air Cargo Industry is best known for two main applications which are basically luggage transport, and the other is complex bulk loads on master pallets or platforms. This industry usually utilizes our heavy-duty 6600 Caster Series ranging with caster wheels types from Polyurethane, Pneumatic, to Air-Flat-Free wheels in 6”, 8”, and 10” casters fastened to a combination of rigid, swivel, or both with either a Top Locking Brake or Front Locking Brake system to securitize against the heavy loads that can sometimes exceed 3,000 pounds.

Popular Casters

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4-Inch caster wheels, non-marking heavy-duty casters
Icon Caster Wheels
4" Red Industrial Replacement Casters Set of 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Non-Marking Casters, with a Load Capacity of 2800 lbs. per Set (4-Pack)

Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $87.00. All Prices Included Tax

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5" Pro-Tech Polyurethane Non-Marking Maroon Rigid/Fixed Caster Wheels

$24.00 All Prices Included Tax

6-inch caster semi-steel casters wheels, heavy-duty caster wheels
Icon Caster Wheels
6" Steel Heavy Duty Casters, 4 Swivel Top Locking Casters (4-Pack)

$164.00 All Prices Included Tax

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6610W Series 10" Air/Flat Free Rigid Caster (Black)

$53.00 All Prices Included Tax

Icon Caster Wheels
6610W Series 10" Air/Flat Free Swivel Caster (Black)

$55.00 All Prices Included Tax

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