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Construction casters
Construction Industry

The Construction Industry heavily relies on the durability and safety in ergonomics of their equipment. Every component of material used in building is touched by human hands and is moved either by material handling equipment, dollies, or big equipment. Regardless, Ladders & scaffolding equipment are mostly used in this environment which apply to the 8300 Series and 8900 Series respectively in 5” & 6” wheel diameters. Other commonly used applications are Leveling Casters such as the 9300 Series in 2”, 3”, and 4” wheel diameters or Shock Absorbing Casters such as the 9600 Series that are ideally found in 5” and 6” wheel diameter configurations.

Popular Casters

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Icon Caster Wheels
5" Pro-Tech Polyurethane Non-Marking Maroon Rigid/Fixed Caster Wheels

$24.00 All Prices Included Tax

5" Red Metal Casters Swivel Caster (Red)
Icon Caster Wheels
5" Red Metal Casters Swivel Caster (Red)

$26.50 All Prices Included Tax

Icon Caster Wheels
5050 Series 5" Soft Rubber Caster (Black)

$16.22 All Prices Included Tax

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