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Entertainment industry casters
Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment Industry like various branches of military have specialized containers for the contents of high technical equipment that need to be transported to various sites with a dynamic and diverse terrain to overcome. The 6600 Series of Pneumatics and Air-Flat-Free wheel types in 6” and 8” are ideal for travel where turbulence can be absorbed and deliver a smooth ride to final destination. The Heavy Duty box containers are usually equipped with 5” Polyurethane swive casters for ease of rolling on concrete and wood surfaces especially with their non-marking attributes.

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4-Inch casters set of 4, Non-marking swivel casters with top locking caster
Icon Caster Wheels
4" Red Industrial Replacement Casters with 2 Swivel and 2 Top Lock Braking Non-Marking Casters, with a Load Capacity of 2800 lbs. per Set (4-Pack)

Original price was: $88.00.Current price is: $85.00. All Prices Included Tax

Icon Caster Wheels
5" Pro-Tech Polyurethane Non-Marking Maroon Rigid/Fixed Caster Wheels

$24.00 All Prices Included Tax

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