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Polyolefin Caster Wheels: Heavy Duty Plastic

October 14, 2019

“Polyolefin” isn’t exactly the easiest word to say. It’s one of those words you might have to sound out just to pronounce it right. However, there’s nothing to sound out about how great Polyolefin caster wheels can be: they are some of the best plastic wheels we’ve got. These casters have advantages over several other kinds of casters, even those that are traditionally thought of as being sturdier and stronger than the rest. At Icon, you can find all kinds of casters for essentially any kind of application. For many, polyolefin will absolutely be the way to go. 

Polyolefin Caster Wheels that Last 

When you think of plastic casters, “durability” probably isn’t the word that comes to mind. However, polyolefin casters are plenty durable for many applications. Sure, they might not be perfect for every application, but we can’t tell you how many times someone has called us and asked for casters for their business, only for us to find out that when we mentioned polyolefin, it was the first time they had heard the word. These casters are very resistant against solvents, acids, chemicals, grease and plenty of other oils. You don’t have to worry about those corroding, damaging or even slowing down these polyolefin casters. 

polyolefin caster wheels

Casters for Your Floor 

Moving items from one area to another easily is just one of the jobs that good casters have to do. For many, the casters have to protect the floors, as well. Many of our clients need casters for harsh environments where only hardy workers will tread. However, we also have plenty of clients who need casters for an office, retail setting, or somewhere else that will have foot traffic from plenty of customers, clients, investors, and others. These polyolefin casters are perfect for environments like that. They’re specifically non-marking, which means that they can keep from messing up your floors. Instead of having to scrub away streak marks (or worse) these casters can protect your floors, so that you can move heavy objects across your floors easily and guilt-free. 

Quiet Casters for Professional Work 

Imagine it: you’re closing the deal with a client at your place of business. It’s all going well, you can sense that you’re going to get to “yes,” if you’re not just on the brink of it. Then, in the middle of your conversation, you both hear it: a loud, piercing “squeak.” Does that ruin your sale? Maybe not. Do you want to take that chance? Definitely not. Polyolefin casters are very quiet. That means that you really don’t have to worry about them squeaking, squealing, or any other noise that instantly registers as “bad” to the human ear. Working in peace and quiet is just one more benefit of these casters. 

Caster for Your Application 

We have casters for basically every kind of application you can imagine. Whether you’re moving something across your classroom, or moving something precious across your warehouse, we can help you every step of the way. To find the right casters for your work, call us at (888) 490-2969. 

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