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6" Red Industrial Casters, Swivel with Total Locking Casters and Non-Marking Casters (4-Pack)

SKU: 6660-01-PRO-RED-RB-ZC-SWB-4Pack
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The 6600 Series Heavy Duty Swivel Caster is an American Icon in quality and performance. These locking caster wheels are made of non-marking 6” wheel diameter and is comprised of a 2” wide Pro-Tech Polyurethane tread molded over a polypropylene core. The multiple injection mold inter-loops are strategically spaced throughout the arched inner perimeter of the wheel with full overlay between core and tread fortifying strength to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. This set of four Total Locking Swivel Casters has a load capacity of over 3600 LBS.

The Swivel Top Plate caster is a Heavy Duty gauge steel fork assembly with bright zinc plating. It has a double ball-bearing raceway for optimal strength, smooth rotation, and high tolerances against vertical shock. These casters come standard with a precision ball bearing assembly in the axle and are considered maintenance-free. The caster housing raceway is equipped with an easy-access Zerk fitting grease nipple for added lubricating convenience.

The dual purpose Swivel & Wheel Lock Brake is comprised of a Heavy Duty steel twin pedal On/Off cross member that sits above the wheel behind the Top Plate.  The brake pad is arched and inverted providing vertical pressurization at the top of the wheel tread while inserting a stop pin in the gearing of the raceway preventing further Swive movement.

The arched pad presses against the wheel tread in lock position to prevent slipping of wheel or movement during horizontal or lateral force. This brake is specifically designed for high load Heavy-Duty caster wheels applications in an effort to secure against any movement or lateral pressure.

The multiple use applications include: Material Handling Equipment, U-Boats, Flat Carts, Moving Dollies, Maintenance and Utility Carts, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Food Service Equipment, Hospitality Carts, Hospital Equipment, and Office Equipment.

This caster features a non-marketing Pro-Tech Poly tread that moves quietly with ease while preserving the surface from streaks and scuffs. The proprietary formulation in the tread serves as a protective layer between the load and the floor making pivoting and maneuvering easy especially in tight spaces. The Pro-Tech Poly wheel works great on wood, tile, brick, stone, and concrete floors.  When considering the Pro-Tech Poly tread, users will notice stellar performance and traction on wet surfaces.

Buy with confidence with our 3 Year Limited Warranty that guarantees your satisfaction at a value. From design, production to installation, our customers’ safety is always our top priority.

Icon Caster Wheels prides itself on industry leading quality with ISO, TUV, RoHS-3, and NSF compliance standards to ensure that the best quality casters first undergo rigorous radial fatigue tests, impact tests, and load tolerance testing before being delivered to your doorstep.

6" Red Industrial Casters, Swivel with Total Locking Casters and Non-Marking Casters (4-Pack)
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Wheel Size
Wheel Material
Wheel Color
Fastening Type
Top Plate
Total Locking Brake
Fastening Finish
Bright Zinc Plating
Load Capacity
3600 lbs.
Bearing Type
Roller Bearing
Wheel Width
Top Plate Type
Top Plate Size
4" x 4.5"
Top Plate Bolt Hole Spacing
2.63" x 3.63" slotted to 3 x 3
Attaching Bolt Size
King Pin
Swivel Raceway
Overall Height
Wheel Durometer
95 Shore A (± 5)
Temperature Range
-30°F to + 180°F
Fork Leg Spacing
Axle & Nut
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