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Semi Steel Swivel Small Caster Wheels: Plenty Tough

October 28, 2019

There’s a common misconception in our society that prefacing something with the word “semi” is synonymous with “less than.” That may be true in some cases, but it’s not true with our semi steel swivel small caster wheels. These casters are as tough and durable as several of the others that we offer. You’re not getting something that’s “less than” steel, you’re getting something that's just as good as steel, with plenty of its own attributes to boot. At Icon Caster Wheels, you can find caster wheels of all different kinds.

Semi Steel: The Best of Steel 

“Semi steel” is one of those terms that there isn’t really a set definition of. Usually, it just means that molten cast iron has scrap steel added to it. The goal of this is to give the casters the best of both scrap steel as well as iron, only to do so at a lower cost. Many of our semi steel casters have steel’s sheer toughness as well as the hardness that you would expect from cast iron. Of course, instead of making you pay double for this, instead you’re paying much less. Like all of our other caster products, we’re committed to making sure you get them at the best cost possible. These casters are no exception. 

Semi Steel Swivel Small Caster Wheels

A Load Capacity You Can Count On 

There’s nothing small about the load capacity that our semi steel caster wheels can handle. In fact, it’s plenty large. At our site, you can find semi steel caster wheels that can handle 1200 lbs per caster. Now, imagine how much you could carry with four of them. That’s better than many of the plastic casters that we offer, even (in many cases) polyolefin. We know that for many of our customers, load capacity is one of the most important criteria. For many of you, these caster wheels are going to be strong enough. However, if you require more than that, we’ve got you covered there, as well. You can contact us and we’ll set you up with a caster wheel that can carry your load, essentially no matter what it might be. 

Semi Steel Swivel Small Caster Wheels for Rough Environments 

There are caster wheels that are perfect for office environments. Those are the environments where there are carpets, there’s a thermostat, the air conditioning comes on in the summer and the heat in the winter. This is a place where people can easily work, and the casters can, too. However, there are also other environments. These are the hard environments, where people have to get tough work done, and they have to take certain measures to  work within the environment. We have casters that can excel there, too. For example, our semi steel casters can handle a temperature range of five hundred degrees fahrenheit to negative forty fahrenheit. That covers quite a few workplaces. If you’re looking for the right casters for your job, we’ve got you covered. Simply give us a call (888) 490-2969 at and we’ll direct you to your appropriate caster. 

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