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Using Thermoplastic Caster and Wheels in Medical Fields

October 21, 2019

Our caster wheels are used in many high pressure situations. On the industrial floor, in the fast-paced office, in the classroom -- these are all environments where things have to be done right, and moreover, they have to be done right now. However, many of our casters are used in an environment with even higher pressure and stakes: the medical industry. In hospitals, private clinics, laboratories, doctors’ offices, rehab facilities and more all across the country, you’ll find our Thermoplastic caster and wheels. One of the more popular choices for professionals in the medical industry are our thermoplastic wheels. There are several valid reasons why. 

Thermoplastic Caster and Wheels: Quiet and Durable 

“The best prescription is rest.” How many times have you heard that from a medical professional? That’s true whether you’re getting over a cold at home or in a hospital recovering from surgery. Obviously, it’s not the only treatment you’re receiving in a hospital, but rest is a major part of so many recoveries. For patients to be able to rest as easily as possible, there has to be as little noise as possible. Sure, in a medical facility, there are going to be other noises at all times, day or night. That said, you want to do everything you can to minimize that noise, to make your medical facility the kind of place where people feel safe and secure. Thermoplastic has one very special specification: it’s noise-reducing. 

Thermoplastic Caster and Wheels

Noise-Reducing Caster Wheels 

We can’t say that these wheels are “silent,” but we can say that they’re “noise-reducing.” While that’s the technical name for what these wheels are, we feel that it’s something of an understatement. In all likelihood, you won’t be able to hear these wheels as you push something on them. If you can hear them, in our experience, it’s because you’re trying to hear them. Now, if you can’t hear them, imagine what it’s like for someone laid up in a hospital bed, trying to recovery. They probably won’t hear anything whatsoever. You can’t technically give your patients or clients a good night’s sleep, but by getting products like these thermoplastic casters, you can help to contribute to a quiet, peaceful environment. 

Wheels Your Employees can Count On 

In a medical facility, delicate items have to be transported very quickly. This has to be done with no hiccups, mistakes or exceptions. When lives are on the line, seconds really do count. We offer caster wheels that make it easy to transport items all over your medical facility. These thermoplastic wheels (and others) make it easy to get your items where they have to go pronto. By that same token, you need wheels that move but also last a long time. If you’re constantly replacing casters, often having to replace them, then even the smoothest, slickest caster wheel is going to slow you down. We have plenty of durable caster wheels, so that you never have to worry that your casters are going to let you down. For our full catalog, go to our site or call  (888) 490-2969. 

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